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Suzuki students participate in both a weekly private lesson and a group class during the academic year. Group classes take place on Monday evenings (intermediate students and advanced students) and on Saturday mornings (beginning to intermediate students). Private lesson times are scheduled between the parent and teacher usually on weekdays.  The fall term is late August through early December (12-13 weeks) and spring term is January through mid-May (16-17 weeks).

Weekly private lessons allow for one-on-one time with the private instructor. During the private lesson, the parent is asked to take notes to ensure that they fully understand the assignments. Parents are considered the “home teacher” and are required to attend the weekly private lessons with their children. They are responsible for establishing their child's daily practice routine and working with them on reinforcing the concepts and exercises assigned by the instructor.

Group classes motivate, inspire, and provide students with the opportunity to create music with their peers. Group classes often include students of a variety of ages and skills - much like the Montessori system. Younger students are inspired by older students and older students have the chance to work on their leadership skills and ensemble playing. Group class teachers use a variety of games and activities to review and introduce string skills in each class.

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